Delicious Kicks salsa is the first fun and tasty salsa brand introduced by Delicious Kicks Foods Corp.


Roasted Green Cilantro

and Tomatillo HOT Salsa


Roasted Red Garlic

and Tomato HOT Salsa


Roasted Green Cilantro

and Tomatillo MILD Salsa



Roasted Red Garlic

and Tomato MILD Salsa

n1 n2 Mild1 Mild2

Delicious Kicks is available in four original styles:

Our mild salsa styles are for those that cannot take the heat, but who want the kick of a good salsa.

Our authentic Manitoban-based salsa delivers the taste of Mexico every time you crave it. When you are hosting movie night with your family, dip your potato chips into our Green Kick. Or when you're hosting football night with friends, dip your tasty tortilla chips into one of our salsas and enjoy the kick accompanied by a cold cerveza.

In the kitchen, Delicious Kicks salsas are a great condiment that adds flavor to your chicken, beef, pork, eggs, rice or beans.

And just imagine, your home made taco can now have the kick of an authentic Mexican taco. After all, a taco without salsa is not a taco at all.