How to Eat Our Salsa

Our Delicious Kicks salsa adds flavour to almost any dish -- beef, fish, chicken, perogies, soup, rice, beans, or eggs. You name it! All you have to do is add Delicious Kicks salsa to your meal. How much you add depends on how much heat you can handle. Add a little for a bit of zest. Add a lot for a real extra kick.

Check out our recipes for some traditional Mexican dishes, or experiment with your own ideas. From huevos rancheros to chilaquiles to hamburgers, Delicious Kicks brings a delicious extra zing to any meal. Try it with your chicken, beef, pork, eggs, rice, beans or fish. And of course, it is a must with your homemade tacos. If it doesn't have Delicious Kicks salsa, it is not a taco at all.


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