Enchiladas (1 serving)



-Green Kick HOT salsa

-3 tortillas

-2 crumbled chicken breasts (you can replace the chicken with scrambled eggs or any meat you'd like)

-Sour cream

-Chopped onion

-Feta cheese (or cheese of your choince)

-Beans (any type of beans you prefer)


Step 1.-Fry chicken

Step2.-In another pan,warm up the Green Kick HOT salsa.

Step 3.-Lightly fry the tortillas

Step 4.-Extend the fried tortillas in a plate, put the chicken in the middle of each tortilla and fold the tortillas in half.

Step 5.-On top of the tortillas pour desired amount of sour cream,onion,Green Kick Hot salsa,cheese and then beans on the side.